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Updated Aug 19, 2019

Auction Preview Gallery
Mid-Hants Auction - 26th October 2019

Nameplates - Steam

Nameplate from Ex GWR Castle Class No 7030 "CRANBROOK CASTLE" with matching cabside (see below)

Nameplate from Ex GWR Hall Class No 5959 "MAWLEY HALL" with matching cabside (see below)

Cabsides - Steam

Cabside from Ex GWR Castle Class No 7030 "CRANBROOK CASTLE" with matching nameplate (see above)

Cabside from Ex GWR Hall Class No 5959 "MAWLEY HALL" with matching nameplate (see above)

Nameplates - Diesel and Electric

Ex EMU Nameplate

Nameplates - Diesel and Electric (Uncarried)

Worksplates - Steam

Smokebox Numberplates









Special Poster Collection

From the Vendor
I bought a farm desk in a farm auction in Taunton Market back in 1983. The lot came with an old sit up and beg bike which was well worn. I had no idea the bike came with the desk. Both items were mine with my winning bid of £9. I think there was a small box of junk, old spanners etc., as part of the lot.

When I got the desk home and the bike and junk I had a go at opening the locked drawer that was under the desk top.

Using a hacksaw blade I cut through the brass bar and opened the drawer to find the folder of railway posters inside.

Amazing, I knew they were special. How they got there from the 1930's I shall never know unless the desk came out of a station building, which in hindsight may well be the case. The desk owners family having a clear out after the passing of their loved one maybe in the early 1980's would be plausible, especially with the locked drawer and lost key. Nothing rattled in the drawer so it must have been presumed it was empty anyway, lucky me.


Golf in N Ireland by Norman Wilkinson

London St James Palace by Clark

North Wales by John Mace

Rievelux Abbey

Shipbuilding on the Clyde by Norman Wilkinson

Snowdonia by Greenwood

Southend-on-Sea by Chas Pears

Treasure Island by Norman Wilkinson


Timetable Plates







Enamel Street Direction Signs

Enamel Signs

Ex - Bath Spa Station

Tender Plates

Carriage and Destination Boards

Destination Stips (Ex. Waterloo Destination Board)

Advertising Enamels

Highway Signs


Platform and Other Signs

Special Item

Miscellaneous Collectibles


Carriage Prints

Nameplates - Diesel and Electric

Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive Nameplate Set "WESTERN EXPLORER". As carried by a Class 52 - together with its matching Cabside Numberplate "D1002".

Now a chance to acquire the third set in the Class!

Select Totems

This is a special selection of Totems which are all in 99.9% Mint Condition from a Private Totem Collection.
All pledged for our Mid-Hants Auction on 26th October


Targets - SR

Worksplates - Diesel and Electric

Depot Plaques

Cabsides - Industrial

Seatback Station Names - Enamel




Signal Indicators


Signalbox and Groundframe Nameboards

Signalbox Shelfplates

Signal Arms

Early GWR

Signal Finials


Single Line Staffs

Beddington Lane - Waddon Marsh

Three Bridges - Rowfant

Cast Iron Signs

Loco Whistles

Loco - Miscellaneous













Bridge Plates

Modern Signs

Wagon Plates

London Transport

Pressure Gauges


Other Advertising

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