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Updated Feb 25, 2021


With the latest round of new Covid lockdown restrictions, we are pleased to say that the running of our businesses, namely Crewe Heritage Railwayana Auctions and Mid-Hants Railwayana Auctions, remains largely unaffected. We will continue to run our popular regular telephone/email/postal auctions throughout 2021 until further notice and at such time that we can all meet safely again at live venues.

BUYING: Our next Crewe Heritage Auction will be held over the weekend of Friday February 26 to Monday March 1, with viewing online at ukrailwayana.com. For further images or condition reports please contact us in good time before the sale weekend.

You can bid from your own home via email, telephone or postal bid. Please register (preferably before the sale weekend) with us if you are interested in bidding and you will be allocated a Postal Bidding (PB number). Payment for items can be made by sending a cheque or via bank transfer.

SELLING: We are still accepting consignments of collections or single items of your railwayana and transport related memorabilia for this upcoming auction and subsequent auctions in 2021.

COVID SPECIAL OFFER!! We are now offering to sell your STEAM and MODERN TRACTION Locomotive NAMEPLATES AT A SPECIAL RATE OF JUST 5% + VAT until further notice!

COLLECTION: Our regional agents will continue to be able to collect items from you, socially-distanced at your doorstep/drive by prior appointment only under the strictest Covid-19 aware conditions.

DELIVERY: We also offer a safe and secure personal delivery service throughout the UK at a pre-arranged cost after the auction has finished. No expensive couriers or highly-inflated charges! Remember, we are the only railwayana auction house to offer a full collection and delivery service. We are fellow collectors who understand and are sympathetic to the items and understand the business.


What is your railwayana worth? All enquiries to Neil on 01242 620020 or 07836 225711 or email office@railwayana.com or office@gwr1.com


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year
Best wishes for 2021

Neil Booth

Crewe Heritage Auctions - Preview Gallery
Telephone / Email / Postal Auction
26th February to 1st March 2021

Welcome to our fifth online telephone/email auction,
which runs from Friday 26th February until Monday 1st March 2021.

Prospective bidders for items in the catalogue (below) are encouraged to register with us either via telephone (01242 620020 / 07836 225711) or email (office@railwayana.com or office@gwr1.com) preferably before the first auction day.

You will be allocated a unique 'PB' number (postal bidder) in order that you can trace the status of your bid online through the weekend's regular updates.

Previous customers who already have a 'PB' number may use the same number, when re-registering or showing an interest to bid.

Bidders can either leave a firm bid or a 'bid range', which can be activated on your behalf throughout the auction period, should circumstances not allow you to personally engage with us during the sale. Bidding increments are £10 up to £200; £20 up to £500; £50 up to £1,000 and £100 £1,000 plus. Emails are accepted any time during the duration of the sale and telephone calls can be accepted between the hours of 10am and 8pm on the first three sale days and up to 6pm on the fourth day. Any emails arriving at our office after 8pm on the final day will be invalid. We are not eBay!

Please allow 48 hours after the end of the sale for the final realisation list to be posted, whilst we reconcile the auction, prior to making enquiries regarding successful bids. If interested in any 'non-sold' items on the posted realisation list, please also allow 48 hours before making contact.

As per our Terms & Conditions: Buyers pay the Hammer Price and a Buyer's Premium of 15% of the Hammer Price plus VAT on the Hammer Price = 18% total. Payments may be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

It is expected as common practice that you will (at your own expense) pay for and personally collect or arrange your own courier to collect any lots that you have purchased. This must be undertaken no later than 28 working days (Monday to Saturday) following the close of the auction.

Collection of Lot/s may not be released until all funds have been cleared. Items can be collected by prior appointment from the front gate of our premises under Covid-safe conditions.

Delivery to all parts of the UK can be arranged with the office at cost. If you do not pay for or collect the Lot within this time period, you will be responsible for any reasonable removal and storage charges in relation to that Lot.

We cannot be held responsible for loss and/or damage to items purchased after 28 days have elapsed.

Now consigning for this and future Auctions

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Nameplates - Diesel and Electric


Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive Nameplate "WESTERN GOVERNOR" and matching Number Plate. As carried by Class 52 D1054. New to 88A Cardiff Canton 3/63. Name carried from new until withdrawal 11/76. Cut up at Swindon Works 5/77. Front restored, back in ex loco condition. Purchased from Collector's Corner in 1979 for 430.00, comes with original C/C receipt. This matching set has never been offered before. Accompanying this lot is an Alloy replica "BUILT 1963 CREWE" Worksplate and two replica 84A alloy shed plates.

Alloy Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive Nameplate "THRUSTER". As carried by Class 43 Warship D853. New to 83D Laira 08/61. Nameplates carried from new until withdrawal 10/71. Cut up at Swindon Works 06/72. Front repainted a long time ago. Rear Ex - Loco condition..

Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "GARTCOSH". As carried by Class 37 37321. New to 50B Hull Dairycoates 05/62 as D6737 later 37037. Named at Motherwell TMD 07/86 when it was also renumbered 37321 as part of the depot's dedicated fleet of 37/3s. Removed 11/88 and loco reverted to 37037. Nameplates later fitted to 37884 at Thornaby TMD 08/92 and carried until 10/00. This loco was new to 87E Landore as D6883 11/63 becoming 37183 and then 37884. After a spell in France it is now owned by Europhoenix and on hire to Rail Operations Group. Ex loco condition.

Electric Locomotive Nameplate "BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE" plus badge. As carried by Class 90 No. 90012. New to WN Willesden 11/88. Named at Manchester Piccadilly 07/93 and carried until 10/07 when it was named 'Royal Anglian Regiment' on transfer to the Anglia region. Previously named 'Glasgow 1990 Culture Capital of Europe'. Currently in service with Freightliner. Ex loco condition front and back.

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "DERBY EVENING TELEGRAPH". As carried by Class 47 No. 47973. New to 85A Worcester 8/64 as D1614 becoming 47034, 47561, 97561,4 7973. Named at Derby RTC 09/90 and carried until withdrawal 09/96. Cut up at M R J Phillips, Llanelly 02/97. Previously named 'Midland Counties Railway 150 1839-1989'. Ex loco condition front and back.

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "NORTHAMPTONSHIRE". As carried by Class 47 No. 47586. New to 16A Toton 10/64 as D1623 becoming 47042, 47586 and later 47676. Named at Wellingborough station on 20/9/89 and nameplates removed 4/96. Stored 10/94 and cut up at Booth Roe Metals 4/98. Ex loco condition front and back.

Electro Diesel Nameplate "THE ROYAL ALEX". As carried by Class 73 No. 73101. New to 75D Stewarts Lane 10/65 as E6007. Named at Brighton station 05/92 until removed 09/96. Withdrawn 05/02 and stored at Eastleigh Works. Ex loco condition front and back.

Alloy Diesel Multiple Unit Nameplate "WILLIAM SPEIRS BRUCE". As carried by Virgin Super Voyager No. 221 132. Named 07/02 until removed 12/07 on the change of franchise to Cross Country. William Speirs Bruce was a British scientist who led a Scottish expedition to the Antartic. As removed condition.

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "ARENIG FAWR". As carried by Class 60 60017. Taken into stock 10/90 at TE Thornaby. Named at Brush, Loughborough 03/90 from new and carried until removed 10/96 when it was renamed 'Shotton Works Centenary 1996'. Still in service with DB Cargo UK. Ex loco condition front and back.

Electric Locomotive Nameplate "CITY OF LONDON". As carried by Class 87 87005. New to WN Willesden 08/73. Named at Euston station on 22/11/77 and carried until withdrawal 09/03. Cut up at MOD Caerwent by J T Landscapes 10/05. Ex loco condition front and back.

Electric Locomotive Nameplate "CITY OF GLASGOW". As carried by Class 87 87006. New to WN Willesden 11/73. Named at Glasgow Central station 08/12/77 and carried until 10/97 except when it was named "Glasgow Garden Festival" between 04/87 and 01/89. Later named "George Reynolds". Exported to Bulgaria 12/08. Ex loco condition front and back.

Electric Locomotive Nameplate "CITY OF BIRMINGHAM". As carried by Class 87 87009. New to WN Willesden 11/73. Named at Birmingham New Street station on 29/11/77 and this plate carried until 10/97 when the Virgin Trains style plate was fitted until withdrawal 04/04. Exported to Bulgaria 11/12. Front repainted.

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "CITY OF BRISTOL". As carried by Class 43 HST 43126. Named at Bristol Temple Meads station on 17/04/85, changed to stainless steel plates 09/91 and then new cast plates fitted 06/94. Carried until 10/06. Still in service with Abellio Scot Rail. Ex loco condition front and back.


Alloy Electric Locomotive Nameplate "CITY OF LANCASTER". As carried by Class 86 86205. New to 5H WCML 11/65 as E3129. Named at Lancaster station on 25/10/79. The coat of arms was unveiled by HRH Prince of Wales on 07/06/93 to commemorate the 800 th anniversary of the city's charter. Nameplates removed 10/03. Later named "Orion" when numbered 86701. Withdrawn 12/15 and exported to Bulgaria 04/16. Ex loco condition front and back.

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "CITY OF TRURO". As carried by Class 43 HST 43192. Named at Truro station 12/10/88 and carried until removed 09/07. Still in service with Great Western as part of their 'Castle' sets and now named 'Trematon Castle'. Stainless Steel type in ex loco condition.

Never Carried - Presentation Third Nameplate "HMS PENZANCE". Originals carried by Class 43 HST 43198 between 06/00 and 08/03. Mounted on a wooden board with accompanying plaque.

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "ROBERT ADAM". As carried by Class 60 60007. Taken into stock at TE Thornaby 02/93. Named at Brush, Loughborough 12/89 from new and carried until removed 02/96. Later named 'The Spirit Of Tom Kendell'. Still in service with DB Cargo UK. Ex loco condition front and back.

Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "HARLECH CASTLE". This nameplate carried in preservation by Class 25 D7615 / 25265. This loco was unofficially named Castell Harlech / Harlech Castle during its later years on British Rail in stencilled form on the body side. Loco is currently stored at Burton on Trent awaiting restoration. Ex loco condition.

Cast Aluminium Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "BRITISH STEEL TROSTRE". As carried by Class 56 56076. New to TI Tinsley 04/80. Named at Cardiff Canton depot 05/93 and nameplates removed 10/95. Loco previously named 'Blyth Power'. Withdrawn 03/00 and cut up by C F Booth, Rotherham 02/09. As removed condition. Ex Loco front & Back.

Cast Aluminium Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "ALMON B. STROWGER". As carried by Class 20 20131. New to 41A Tinsley 02/66 as D8131. Named at London Waterloo station 21/03/94 when part of the BR Telecommunications fleet. Nameplates removed 07/97. Withdrawn 03/13 and cut up by C F Booth, Rotherham 04/13. As removed condition. Ex Loco front & Back.

Worksplates - Diesel and Electric

Ex Class 25

Ex Class 35 Hymek

Ex Class 40

Class 21 Bogie Diamond Plate

Nameplate Badges and Crests

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate Alloy Crest. As carried by Class 47 - 47309 "EUROPEAN RAIL OPERATOR OF THE YEAR". Named at Chester station on 24/4/98. Nameplate and crest removed 08/07.

Diesel Locomotive Nameplate Badge as carried by Class 86 86243 "THE BOYS' BRIGADE". Named at Glasgow Central station for the centenary of the youth movement on 9/4/83 and removed 7/93. Ex loco condition.

Hymek Cabside Number Set


BR (S) CRANLEIGH - Only once before in Auction - July 2011

BR (S) WEST GRINSTEAD - Last time offered in Auction - July 2017


Nameplates - Overseas - EAR Set

All from same loco

Cabsides - Overseas

Worksplates - Overseas

Seat Back Station Names


Alloy Loco Plaques

Enamel Door Plates

Loco Flame Cut Number Panels



Diesel Locomotive Flame Cut Number Panel "ADB 68025". As carried by a Class 27 - 27207 when used as a training loco at Eastfield Depot. In departmental service between 12/86 until withdrawal 08/87. Correct number should have been ADB 968025. Loco also previously numbered D5404 / 27113. Cut up by staff of M C Metal Processing at Springburn Works, Glasgow 03/88. As removed condition.

Enamel Signs

Wagon Plates

Bridge Plates

SAR Loco Bunker Disc Plate

Lubrication Plates from Beyer Garratt Steam Locomotive

Miscellaneous Collectibles

Enamel Plate "RAPIER" Steam Crane jib head plate. From a Ransoms & Rapier Steam Crane 48" x 9.5"

C/I Ransoms & Rapier Builders Plate 1944 Ipswich, ex crane runner 20" x 5"

Taylor & Hubbard Brass Builders plate. Amongst other cranes this Company based in Leicester manufactured Permanent Way Steam Cranes for the big four and subsequently British Railways. 9" x 5"

GWR or WR firing shovel , acquired by the vendor from WR Signalman

Gloucestershire Carriage & Wagon Brass builders plate 9 x 6.5 slight damage to bolt holes

Nameplates - Steam

Brass Locomotive Nameplate "BIDEFORD", together with its matching original "West Country Class" Scroll, original Smokebox Numberplate "34019" and a replica painted (not enamel) Shield inside an original brass shield surround. As carried by Southern Railway Unrebuilt West Country class 4-6-2 No 34019 'Lightweight Pacific' built at Brighton works in December 1945. Allocations included Exmouth Jct, Brighton, Salisbury, Feltham, Eastleigh and Nine Elms, from where it was withdrawn in March 1967. Cut up at Cashmores, Newport, South Wales 09/67. Front cleaned many years ago, back Ex Loco condition. A rare chance to obtain 'a full set' of plates.

Brass Steam Locomotive Nameplate "MORAY FIRTH". As carried by a R. Riddles designed BR Standard Class 7 4-6-2 No 70053 built at Crewe Works in September 1954. Allocations included Polmadie, Holbeck, Crewe North, Willesden, Holyhead, Oxley, Banbury and Carlisle Kingmoor from where it was withdrawn in April 1967. Cut up by J. McWilliams, Shettleston, Glasgow, September 1967. Condition - Front Polished letters on a repainted back ground. A rare opportunity to acquire one of only Six Britannia Scottish "Firth" names!

Brass Steam Locomotive Nameplate "WARWICK CASTLE". As carried by a Collett designed ex GWR 4073 Castle Class 4-6-0 No "4081" built at Swindon Works in March 1924. Allocations included Old Oak Common, Reading, Cardiff Canton, Plymouth Laira, Exeter, Bristol Bath Road, Landore, Swindon, Shrewsbury, Llanelly and Carmarthen from where it was withdrawn in January 1963. Cut at R.S Hayes, Bridgend 09/63. Warwick Castle is a medieval castle situated next to the River Avon originally built in wood going back to the 11th Century it was rebuilt in stone in the 12th century and was owned by the Greville family until 1978 when it was taken over by the Tussauds Group and is now a major tourist attraction. This is the left hand plate and is in Ex -Loco Condition

Cabsides - BR and GWR

Worksplates - Steam

Smokebox Numberplates

C/I Steam Locomotive Smokebox Number plate "43118". As carried by an Ivatt designed Class 4MT 2-6-0 built at Horwich works in June 1951. Allocations included Nottingham, Cricklewood, Stoke, Lower Darwen, Lostock Hall and Workington from where it was withdrawn in November 1967. Cut up at Campbell's Airdrie 03/68. This plate is in Ex Loco Condition.



















Signalling - Block and Bell Instruments


Signalling - Signalbox Telephone

Signal Arms

Clocks & Pocket Watch dials

For the Railway Clock / Watch Collector / Connoisseur

Recently discovered in a cupboard at the premises of John Walker Ltd, London, Clock and Pocket Watch Repair and Restoration contractors to railways throughout Britain and the Empire:

Key with brass tag.
"LNWR Camden Watch Box"
"LNWR Rugby Watch Box"
"LNWR Nuneaton Watch Box"

Eight clock keys on a key ring with brass tag "J WALKER, 320 REGENT STREET, LONDON W.C"

A selection of original Enamelled Railway Pocket Watch Dials, ex-stock, recently discovered at the premises of John Walker Ltd.

To include examples from:

Bahia Railway
London, Chatham & Dover Railway
Madras Railway
Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway
Ulster Railway
Scinde Railway
Midland Rly
Mauritius Railway
North London Rly
Peruambuco Railway
Ferro-Carrill De Utrera A Moron Railway










Enamel Station Direction Signs

L & S W R Indicator Enamels

Loco - Tender Plates

Loco - Double Arrows

Loco - Depot Plaques

Loco - IC125 Swallow

Cast Iron Signs


Lineside Signs

Advertising Signs

Modern Station Signs

London Transport Signs

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