Lot 99 The original drawing by GNRI of the general arrangement of Railcar "A". The drawing is dated May 1932.

A framed colour photo of Railcar No19. County Donegal Railway Joint Committee. 1930s.

A printout showing some history of railcar development in Ireland. This is for background information only.

A framed B&W photo of LNER Class A1 4-6-2 No 2547. "Doncaster". 1932.

2 Different L&LSR Postcards. Early 1900s.

L&LSR Company cheque to Cammell Laird. June 1914.

Letter from John Kelly, (Coal Importers) to L&LSR quoting the cost of coal delivered to Fahan. There are comments by L&LSR rep at the bottom.

17 L&LSR Letter stamps, plus 1 L&LSR Newspaper parcel stamp.

a. Large Red, 1898, 2d. 2 stamps (vertical pair) 2 stamps (horizontal pair) and one single stamp.
b. Small Red, 1889, 2d. 4 stamps (block of 4)
c. Light Blue, 1891, 1d. 4 stamps (block of 4)
d. Dark Blue, 1891, 1d. 4 stamps (block of 4)
e. 1 single Newspaper parcel stamp 1d.

A price list from David Feldman, Dublin, dated 1973, detailing Ireland Railway stamps. For Information.

A copy of "The Donegal Annual, 1952" This contains an article on the railways of Donegal. L&LSR included.

A holiday brochure issued by L&LSR in 1935 for 1 weeks touring Donegal and area. Full accommodation and travel. Cost £4 9s 6d !!!