Lot 50 NB / LNER - Extremely Rare Metal Steam Locomotive Splasher named "LAIRD O' MONKBARNS" As carried by Reid designed NBR/LNER 4-4-0 D30/2 class locomotive No 62421 built by Cowlairs Works in April 1914. Allocated to Edinburgh St. Margarets Shed all its working life it was withdrawn from there in June 1960. Cut up at Cowlairs works 08/60. This is a unique historical survivor and no doubt would be of great interest to our enthusiasts north of the border. Original Ex Loco condition. Purchased by the vendor in August 1961 while visiting Cowlairs Works, he was amazed to see it laying against a load more scrap metal and asked someone in the office if he could buy it ?..They charged him 10/- Shillings!!!!!!! That was 56 years ago.